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NTC Temperature Sensor in Automobile Inside

Temperature sensor inside car is one of the important sensor for automatic air conditioner. It can affect the outlet air of temperature air volume, the mode door position and  intake valve position.

Firstly ,it needs to determine the mixed door position and which determines the outlet air temperature, temperature sensor indicate the temperature is more higher in car. The combination gates will toward to the cold direction, and the temperature is lower. If the combination gates towards to the hot direction, the air outlet temperature will be higher.

Secondly is to determine the blower speed which determines the car temperature. Temperature sensor indicate temperature is more higher ,the blower speed is higher. Unless the temperature sensor indicate temperature is more low, the blower revolution is also more lower. 

Thirdly is to determine the valve position which affects the car air temperature and freshness. In the refrigeration condition, especially at the beginning of the temperature inside the car. In general, the intake valve are in the inner loop position. With the time flies , the car temperature will come down. According to the different environment temperature, inlet valve can be in 20% fresh air fresh air position.

The lastly to determine the mode door position, According to the car temperature to determine the mode door position. When the temperature inside the car is 30 degrees, and the static type door is blowing face position. The temperature in car is 20 degree. the mode door will be in ventilation double position. And the car temperature is 15 degree, the mode door will be in blowing feet position.
Motor temperature sensor type  drive with a small fan. The fan create the suction  to make the air flows through the sensor in the vehicle. Air suction type temperature sensor inside the car which is a ventilation pipe pipeline connecting with  the temperature sensor and the air conditioner in the vehicle, and the air conditioner pipe joints have literary society benefit effect device. A blower working make air quickly flowing and produce negative pressure device. So there is a small amount of air flowing through the in vehicle temperature sensor.