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Comparing the Clinical Date between Disposable Temperature Probe and Mercury Thermometer

With the development of emergency medicine, intensive care unit(ICU)has gradually developed all over country, and the monitoring of body temperature is one of the most basic nursing measures in ICU. Accurate and real-time core temperature data can provide a basis for doctors' diagnosis and later treatment.


But some medical staff still think that the data of the body temperature date monitoring by the monitor was not accurate compared with the data of the mercury probe, so we did the following clinical comparison test:


The samples:

A is the disposable temperature probe produced by ZhuHai Exsense medical technology co., LTD.

B is the mercury thermometer produced by a factory in Chongqing

We take a randomized trial.


First we use air conditioning to keep the indoor temperature at 20 ~ 22 ℃, and then stick our disposable temperature probe in the patient armpits (between the midaxillary line and the posterioraxillary line), then cover the quilt.

Mercury thermometer via calibration after disinfection to jilt below 35 ℃, put in the ipsilateral armpit, let the patient clamping arm, do not lift the quilt.


Take note of the temperature data provided by the disposable temperature probe with monitor in 10 minutes and then take out the thermometer readings. To ensure the fairness and reliability of the data, this step should be repeated three times and then take down the average.


The results showed that there was no significant difference between the average temperature data of the disposable temperature probe and the mercury thermometer.