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How to Replace Electric Oven Sensors
Oven sensors work by sensing the temperature in the cavity of the oven. As the oven's temperature increases, these sensors increase their internal resistance. Changes in this resistance relay to the electric range control and turns the heating element in the burners on or off depending on the current needs. Sometimes these sensors need replacement but this is an easy repair that you can do yourself.
1  Check first to be sure your oven sensor has not shifted or moved from its position while baking by pushing or jiggling the plug.
2  Visit your local store or look online to locate and order the sensor required for the make and model of your electric oven.
3  Loosen or remove the two screws just inside your oven cavity and pull the old sensor out. If the sensor will not pull out you may have to open the back panel and unplug the sensor from there.
4  Plug the new sensor in. With a little force, you should hear it snap back into place.
5  Test the different settings on your electric oven, to be sure everything is in working order.
6  Locate an online site providing help such as Just Answer - Appliance to get a quick response and assistance with your questions about replacing your electric oven sensor.