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Knowledge of the composition and material of temperature sensor

The temperature sensor is a term that sounds unfamiliar to everyone, but it's really relevant to our lives. For example, the household appliances we use in our lives, the office supplies used in our work, and the cars that are essential for going out, which are all need to be installed temperature sensors. The composition and related materials of the temperature sensor are briefly described below:


Temperature sensor consists of six parts: thermistor, housing, holder, wire, stuffing, connector, sleeving. The thermistor is the most important component, because it contains the core part of the temperature sensor - the chip. The housing material mainly includes metals, ceramics, plastics, silicone and so on. The wire should be based on the range of temperature tolerance, such as PVC, PE, teflon, TPE, silicone etc. The stuffing refers to the fillings between the shell and thermistors, including epoxy resin, silicone, inorganic silicone etc. The connector is located at the end of the wire, which is matched with the terminal and is mainly import brand. The sleeving is mainly used to protect the wire, including silicone sleeve, glass tube and heat shrinkable tube.


With the development of Internet of things, people's quality of life is constantly improving, and the application of temperature sensors will be more and more extensive.