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New energy vehicles BMS temperature sensor

The core key of traditional fuel car is the so-called "three big pieces": engine, chassis, and gearbox. In the new energy vehicles, there are also known as "three big pieces" : the battery, the motor and the electric control. Electric control is widely known in the industry as the battery management system BMS.


BMS is the first letter of the Battery Management System, which is called battery nanny or battery housekeeper. The main purpose is to manage and maintain the battery cells intelligently, to prevent the battery from overcharging and discharging, prolong the life of the battery and monitor the state of the battery.


In order for BMS to work in a safe environment, it is necessary to install temperature sensors for monitoring. There are two main types of new energy vehicles BMS temperature sensor, one is epoxy resin wrapped, we call it BT, and the other is a circular shell, which we call the ground ring type.

The work of the new energy vehicles BMS temperature sensor in - 40 ~ 150 temperature range, stable performance, high reliability, high thermal conductivity and easy to install, is one of indispensable monitoring components in BMS.