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NTC Temperature Sensor for Drinking Water Machine

In our country with the development of the economy and international energy tense situation, people's environmental awareness is increasing. In particular, they are focused on energy conservation. It is important measure in the purchase of home application.
Drinking water machine in home applications played a great role in our life and very convenient for us.Water fountains instead of us used to boil water. Don't look at the water all the time to keep the water safety. Traditional drinking water machine have a function of cooling and boiling water. It is also have a temperature inside it. But we can not see the temperature in which temperature range. We only see the water have boiling through the green light warning. Temperature control switch is off, then stop heating. When the temperature drops slowly down to a certain time, then the temperature control switch will be closed. So again and again to do the step. In addition ,if the people forget to cut off the power,the water will be repeatedly by boiling. It is not only a waste of energy but also easy to formation of harmful substances arsenic and other harmful substances in water containing metal.

New type drinking water machine combined with SCM utility . A kind of saving energy and protecting the environment of water temperature control system design can make up for the shortage of drinking water machine. There is a NTC temperature sensorTemperature sensor to control the temperature.The control system has good stability, convenient operation and so on, it will have broad prospects for development. New type drinking water machine using the temperature sensor and MCU can avoid wasteful duplication of drinking boiled water to behealth.