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NTC temperature sensor in household refrigerator

Do you know where is the temperature sensor installed in the household refrigerator? In fact, the refrigerator temperature sensor, there are two types:

Which use a microcomputer-controlled refrigerator (with the display) that is usually use in the refrigerator that more than two-door, it has two sensors and generally used NTC(negative temperature coefficient) thermistor as a temperature sensor, were installed in freezer compartment and the the evaporator outlet of the refrigerator compartment.

The non-microcomputer-controlled refrigerator, which is controlled by a mechanical thermostat, there are only one temperature sensor that is generally in a two-door refrigerator, it’s located in the thermostat handle.

Furthermore, there are temperature sensor in the following section of refrigerator

1. in the top of the refrigerator. the refrigerator compartment next to the Deputy evaporator the side of the freezer compartment.