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NTC Temperature Sensor In The Warm Water Mattress

The warm water mattress is processed by the special processing of the bamboo charcoal and the natural loess , and the water is heated by the ceramic((can be free to adjust the temperature and time).And then pass into the mattress under the warm water pipe. Because its can avoid the traditional electric blanket emit electromagnetic waves on the human body damage and hidden fire danger caused by leakage of electricity and heating caused by excessive. At the same time, because of the water is circulation heating during using, so the power loss can be controlled very low.

Let check the features about the warm water mattress:
1. Super quiet: the noise is very low, this product is transferred to the highest temperature of 70 DEG C the noise: 19 dB, so even if it is placed on the pillow next to also will not affect sleep.

2. Safety device: This product using a variety of security devices, customers can use safety.the device is with a temperature sensor, overheating protection device, conductive safety switch, fault location error logo). NTC temperature sensor is  monitor and control the temperature, so that it will not be too high or too low and cause discomfort during using.

3.Temperature regulation: the temperature of the product can be adjusted between 30 ~70degC, the user can freely set and adjust the temperature.

This products are suitable for all ages of the population,its can also be used for pregnant women and postpartum conditioning period. It is a kind of energy saving, health and environmental protection of new products.