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Operating priciple of air conditioning temperature sensor

Temperature sensor is an important part in air conditioning system. The function is to check the air in the air conditioning room and control the air-conditioning to work normally. The temperature sensor must be set in the air conditioning system that automatically adjusts the temperature in the room.


The temperature sensor of the air conditioner has copper head and glue head. The copper head sensor is mainly used to measure the temperature of the pipeline, the other one is mainly used to measure the air temperature.


The temperature sensor of air conditioning adopts the negative temperature coefficient thermistor, that is, the resistance decreases when the temperature rises, on the contrary the resistance increases. So the input voltage rule of the air conditioner CPU is:  when the temperature rises, the input voltage of the air conditioner is raised, and the current temperature or room temperature can be determined by the internal analysis of the air conditioning CPU, so as to control the running state of the air conditioner.