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The Principle and the Significant Advantage of Medical Temperature Sensor Probe

Now,  NTC temperature sensor has been widely used in industry, agriculture and service industry.

As the improvement of medical conditions and the development of temperature sensor technology, Temperature sensors are increasingly used in medical applications. The medical temperature sensor probe used in medical treatment is mainly the measurement of body temperature.


Human body temperature refers to the internal temperature of the body. Since the body cavity temperature is not easily measured, the temperature of the mouth, armpit and rectum is often used to represent body temperature.


Normal oral temperature is 36.7 ~ 37.7  (average 37.2 ), the axillary temperature is 36.0 ~ 37.4  (average 36.8 ), rectal temperature is 36.9 ~ 37.9  (average 37.5 ).


Mercury thermometers always be used in hospitals, and this thermometers reacted slowly and with little precision.

At present, many large hospitals adopt the disposable medical temperature probe, which has a short measuring time, high precision and convenient reading, and is featured with excellent performance in clinical use.


Disposable medical temperature probe is usually composed of temperature sensor, signal processing unit, display screen and power supply.


The temperature sensor is a sensitive component, usually one or a few high-precision quick response thermal resistance (NTC Chip), which directly relates to the accuracy and response speed of the output temperature; There are two algorithms in the signal processing unit; The heating algorithm can shorten the detection time quickly; The prediction algorithm is based on the trend of body temperature rise to predict current body temperature.


The temperature sensor of this kind of disposable medical temperature probe can read the body temperature as soon as 4 seconds, which is several orders of magnitude higher than the traditional mercury thermometer, and the advantage is quite obvious.